We were strolling through a grocery store liquor section a few months back and my trusty sidekick noticed this bottle. She grabbed it for herself and said I could share a taste. While Kroger green beans can easily stand up to Green Giant, I wondered how this grocery-store bourbon would impress or underwhelm me.   … Continue reading STONEHAMMER


I was drawn to a local big-box liquor store recently with an eye-catching price on Jim Beam handles. I confess that while large quantities of alcohol can be secured at attractive pricing, it’s still a large quantity of alcohol to consume, and alas, I continued walking on past the large display. As I walked further … Continue reading JIM BEAM DISTILLERS CUT


You’ve heard me mention it more than once – the phrase “bottled in bond”. But what does that really mean? Why is it so important? And where did it all begin? YOU’LL GO BLIND DRINKING THAT! In bourbon’s early days, you literally could go blind – or worse – from drinking the spirit that was … Continue reading WHAT’S BOTTLED-IN-BOND


I’m a little skittish about trying new products. We were in Kentucky this Spring and my trusty sidekick spotted this bottle at a small liquor store. I remembered reading about this new release from Beam Suntory. I enjoy many of the Beam products, though I’ve not tried a Japanese whisky, so I was a bit … Continue reading LEGENT


A few years back, my youngest daughter turned 21. As her birthday drew near, I asked, “Are you planning on getting together to celebrate with your friends? Perhaps a fishbowl?”  She replied, “actually, I was hoping we could celebrate as a family – in Kentucky – and take in a distillery or two? After beginning … Continue reading TOUR AND TASTING: MAKER’S MARK