I received a call from my daughter and trusty side-kick a few weeks back.  “How much is too much to spend on one bourbon haul?” Well, that’s a loaded question … “What did you pick out?” She rattled off the list. “Well, that’s about $200”, I said. She didn’t believe me, but the receipt bore … Continue reading BLACKENED


We recently had friends and family over to celebrate a birthday and took the occasion to share some fine bourbon. On this occasion, we shared a flight of Weller products – the flagship Weller Special Reserve, Weller 107, and a Van Winkle cousin, Weller 12 year. StiTzel-Weller and Julian “Pappy” Van Winkle Sr.  Julian “Pappy” … Continue reading WELLER SERIES


I’ve been on a bottled-in-bond kick of late and have enjoyed sampling some of the various varieties available. The horse on the label caught my eye. In past visits, I had noticed the bottles, but had failed to catch the distiller – Willett’s. You’ll recall that we’ve sampled some of Willett’s other products before – … Continue reading OLD BARDSTOWN BOTTLED-IN-BOND


We were strolling through a grocery store liquor section a few months back and my trusty sidekick noticed this bottle. She grabbed it for herself and said I could share a taste. While Kroger green beans can easily stand up to Green Giant, I wondered how this grocery-store bourbon would impress or underwhelm me.   … Continue reading STONEHAMMER


I was drawn to a local big-box liquor store recently with an eye-catching price on Jim Beam handles. I confess that while large quantities of alcohol can be secured at attractive pricing, it’s still a large quantity of alcohol to consume, and alas, I continued walking on past the large display. As I walked further … Continue reading JIM BEAM DISTILLERS CUT


Old Forester began with humble roots in 1870, when George Garvin Brown took $5,500, and along with his half-brother, start J.T.S. Brown & Bros – the first ones to sell whisky in sealed glass bottles to assure its quality. After a few organizational changes, George Brown became partners with George Forman, and renamed the company … Continue reading OLD FORESTER WHISKEY ROW SERIES


I’m a little skittish about trying new products. We were in Kentucky this Spring and my trusty sidekick spotted this bottle at a small liquor store. I remembered reading about this new release from Beam Suntory. I enjoy many of the Beam products, though I’ve not tried a Japanese whisky, so I was a bit … Continue reading LEGENT


Last summer, we traveled just south of Lexington to meet with friends and share interests. From our conversations, I learned that they were friends with the owners of Wilderness Trail. We had passed a sign on the way into town and it piqued my interest.    Later that weekend, I noticed this bottle at a … Continue reading WILDERNESS TRAIL BOTTLED-IN-BOND


Dusty bottles in down-and-out places can sometimes pay big dividends… so can moving your daughter into a rental property. I’ve been nursing this bottle for over a year and it’s time I share the word. Master’s Collection For more than a dozen years, each fall, the Woodford Reserve Master Distiller has released a special “Master’s … Continue reading WOODFORD RESERVE CHERRY WOOD SMOKED BARLEY