It’s Triple Crown Time! While you’ll want to include Mint Juleps as a must-have at your horse racing parties, don’t forget about some of these other delicious cocktails featured at popular races and venues. Oaks Lily The Oaks Lily is the official cocktail of the Kentucky Oaks - the filly (young, female horse) races held … Continue reading HORSE RACING COCKTAILS

Bourbon in Paradise Cocktail

My summers have an aesthetic - a very strong aesthetic. Jimmy Buffett. Drinks on the patio. Boating on the lake. Farmers markets. Grilling burgers. Smell of freshly cut lawns. Basically the stereotypical summer vibes. It seemed fitting to combine some of my favorite summer tastes into one summery drink. Bourbon in Paradise combines bourbon with … Continue reading Bourbon in Paradise Cocktail


It never feels like March until I treat myself to my annual Shamrock Shake. There’s only two downsides of this dessert: it’s only available in March and there’s no booze in it. No worries though, I fixed it. With a quick run to the liquor store for crème de menthe, and some rummaging through my … Continue reading LUCKY KENTUCKY [SHAMROCK] SHAKE